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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maturation and emotional saturation

Where to start?! 

Well for about 10 days I was home, by myself, trying to juggle my 3 jobs (technically, 1 paying job and 2 volunteering) as well as take care of all the pets and grandma, as well as maintain the house. It was the first time I have ever been by myself for an extended period of time in the house without my parents and brother. At first it took a while to adjust but by the third day things were in full swing. I created time sheets for the week allocating how much time I would have in the day to do x, y, and z. It was empowering to be able to do things even though I barely had a second to myself. Hence, Maturation. I feel like I can conquer just about anything after this challenge of balancing 60 hour work weeks and my furry and scaled children. It was almost like being a single mother. 

The one thing that sucked was communicating with people, I felt alone. There's only so much that you can do on twitter or texting etc. However, it does give leeway to explore thyself and understanding what pleases you and displeases you, how to run the house, how you like to do things, what makes you tick, etc. Anyway, I learned a lot about my own personal trends:

* Eat local, eat at hole-in-the-wall places, eat ethnic foods (maybe once every two weeks or once a month). 
My faves: Yak and Yeti Indian and Nepalese food, Le Central, Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Food, Thai House, and Empanada Grill. 

* Buy farmer's market produce. I prefer Boulder's because at least there's a lot of co-ops and not monocultures/ Earth Rapers.

* Cook your own food, put it in the freezer. Basically have your own personal lean cuisines and at least you know what's put into them versus things you can't pronounce, hormones, antibiotics, or, my favourite (sarcasm), HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). 

* Don't give in. Not to men, not to politicians, not to women, not to corporations, don't give in to anyone. 

* Enjoy nature. I work at 3 places that save animals. 

* Have a passion ^^^^^ (I work at 3 places that save animals.)

* Enjoy loud music, bold colors, and clothing that represents you. Not what some CS at a magazine or mass media outlet will tell you. 
My faves: Gogol Bordello, 30 Seconds to Mars, Take to the Oars, Vices I Admire, Rolling Stones. Green, Orange, Purple. Snake print pants and gypsy-style shirt with converse sneakers and tiger face jewelry. 

* Don't give in. Not to men, not to politicians, not to women, not to corporations, don't give in to anyone. 

* Live simply. Live for the moments. Don't give in to materialism. Live minimally= Living happily. 
I've seen many cool things in this world. I've traveled to cool places in this world, hung with locals, speak different languages, opened my mind, touched cool animals, gone to concerts, met the artists. Stuff I'll take to the grave with me rather than the latest piece of technology or clothing accessory. 

* Lastly, say what's on your mind. Don't give into being prim and proper. That's passe. Have dignity and be yourself, a new kind of class will follow. 

Emotional Saturation :)

All my love and peace to you and yours.

P.s. You may view this post as liberal but actually i'm neither party affiliation so please do not go that route. Thank you :)