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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pop Culture

Ok so i haven't written on here as often as i had set out to do but i've got some time and felt as though this needed to be updated. I've gotten back into my old hobby of Autograph Collecting. Getting autographs from celebrities i know, love, and care to write to is just an exhilarating experience. Granted the waiting period can range anywhere from 1 week to 1 year but so what, the thought of an artist reading your letter and knowing that their work is being appreciated seems to be the only driving force. By this, i mean, that they're reading this letter and getting an insight as to how a person views them, this can either be a positive or negative influence. From an artistic standpoint, i would love to receive feedback on how well i portrayed someone in a film or how i captured that raw emotion on canvas. It's edifying, of course, to receive positive comments because you feel you've done something right for that specific thing. A form of conditioning, i suppose. But anyway, going back to autograph collecting. From the letter writer's perspective, i'd also love to have a piece of that artist with me in some form so that way it's a personal connection. I've written to several people and have had a fairly good success rate (~126 autographs out of 160). But out of all of those i'd have to say Geoffrey Rush is my absolute favourite. He's just an amazing actor and really knows how to give back to his fans, which many stars (especially nowadays), don't do or don't know how to do. It's appauling to me as a fan of many to even consider my fanship to them because of the lack of respect. I mean, i brought you to your success and now you completely deny me? I made you and now i've got the power to break you, is the attitude a lot of stars need to have bestowed to them. Regardless, Geoffrey Rush absolutely deserves any kind of merit given to him, because he's given back, he's one hundred percent driven by his fans and we're one hundred percent driven by him. It's mutual respect that everyone in this world deserves (but it must be earned). I love the autograph he sent me, he wrote a few little facts down about future projects and even complimented me on my name which was really nice of him! Of course i love all my autographs but his just stood out to me (not because of the compliment). Also, do you remember as a child, receiving letters, cards, packages, etc.? Well receiving that yellow manila envelope in the mail every so often feels like Christmas! It's a heartwarming experience to know that your favourite star/artist took the time out of his schedule to read your letter and respond accordingly. Here's a list of some of the stars i've got:
  1. Steve and Terri Irwin
  2. Bam Margera and April Margera
  3. Weeman
  4. Jerry Bruckheimer
  5. Johnny Depp
  6. Orlando Bloom
  7. Geoffrey Rush
  8. Keira Knightley
  9. Constantine Maroulis
  10. Hugh Laurie
  11. Jesse Spencer
  12. Jennifer Morrison
  13. Jonathan Jackson
  14. Joe Pesci
  15. John Travolta
  16. Jorge Garcia
  17. Martin Klebba
  18. Jason Lee
  19. Zach Braff
  20. Shia LaBeouf
  21. Don Most
  22. Bonnie Wright
  23. Oliver and James Phelps
  24. Michael Phelps
  25. Ian Thorpe
  26. Amanda Beard
  27. Grant Hackett
  28. Robert Pattinson
  29. Daniel Radcliffe
  30. John Cleese
  31. The Rock
  32. Lucy Lawless
  33. Michelle Pfeiffer
  34. Erin Moran
  35. Jenna Elfman
  36. Ronnie James Dio
  37. Neil Diamond
  38. Gavin Degraw
  39. Joan Baez
  40. Rachelle LeFerve
  41. Peter Facinelli
  42. Matt Holliday
  43. Dan Hinote
  44. Rik Mayall
  45. Ben Barnes
  46. Betty White
  47. Rowan Atkinson
  48. Ben Stiller
  49. Robin Williams
  50. Dan Castellanata
  51. Jeremy Sumpter
  52. Vince Vaughn
  53. Jefferey Dean Morgan
  54. Chris Tucker
  55. Christian Bale
  56. Anne Hathaway
  57. Virginia Madsen
  58. Sally Field
  59. Sarah Michelle Gellar
  60. Jamie Gertz
  61. Carmen Electra
  62. Kate Bosworth
if you want to get involved in this hobby, all you need are:
  • 2 manila envelopes (one addressed to star, the other a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope)
  • a photo of your star
  • a letter of appreciation to your star
  • for foreign countries insert an International reply coupon into the packet.
insert the SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) into the envelope addressed to your star. insert in the photo of your star (should be same person :) ) as well as the letter and if for foreign countries use the IRC (International reply coupon). seal the envelope and mail off.

Note: for a complete list of stars, a good forum to use is
let me know if you get some awesome successes! Happy Collecting!