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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trip of a lifetime

In July of 2011, we took a trip to Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France. Started driving in Madrid, then headed to Lisbon, all the way down to Tangiers (Spent a day there), back in Spain traveled to Barcelona, Spent the day in Perpignon, France, back to Madrid. Must say I give my dad major props for driving everywhere, passing through towns. Also, major kudos to my mum for planning a common sense route through the Iberian Peninsula.

Fave places:

Algave, Portugal
Tangiers Marketplace
Valencia Biopark
Perpignon, France

A few photos can be seen on

Travel :) It does the soul wonders!


Wow, so I have been a complete slacker with respect to blogging... updates: I graduated from college with two degrees in December, had two boyfriends (don't judge me, I wasn't serious about either), and working three unpaid jobs. How's that for multiples?! (it could be worse... like octo-mom worse... at least kids aren't involved!)

I went to so many concerts this year and to be fair the year hasn't really hit the half-way mark:

March 8th, Gogol Bordello/Mexican Institute of Sound
March 18th, Kelly Clarkson/Matt Nathanson
March 30th, Vices I Admire/Take To The Oars/ All Capitals/Lexigram
April 6th, Gotye/Kimbra
April 28th, Dave Mason


June 9th, Gogol Bordello
September 27th, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Haven't had a disappointing show so far! Met a lot of the artists and got to express my deepest thanks for influence.

I went to my first Avs game April 7th! It was super fun being in the box suite having drinks and cheering on for the home team! Met some pretty nice people! It was funny because I didn't know that the mascot was my favourite breed of dog - the St. Bernard!

So that's just this year alone... Last year was a nightmare... my beloved Three Toed Box Turtle, Bindie Sue passed away September 23rd. She was the first pet I had in Colorado since moving here in 2000 and she was always there to greet me when I came home from school, listen to me cry, and be there for me. It was one of the worst events that has been in my life. My crush, that I had for more than a year, turned out to be gay... that was an utter waste of time and an utter blow to the system. It was also a week after my Bindie died... not to mention a week before she died my dad relocated for work. A feeling of abandonment and loss of faith really hit me hard. Out of all of this I gained a new perception of life and really found my true friends.

Last year, one of my goals was to quit twitter and I DID... but then deactivated facebook only to return to twitter... when will this dependency on social media fade? Darn it... if you like what you have read, please continue on this endeavor with me, explore pictures, read up-to-date concert posts, etc. on

Here are a few pictures to recap this blog: