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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time After Time

March 29th, 2013.

9 a.m.

- Cleaning dishes for the zoo animals. Prepping diets. Cleaning behind-the-scenes. HUGE smile on my face.

- Come home at 12 p.m. blasting Aaron Carter's "Oh Aaron" CD, windows rolled down, on the highway.

1:30 p.m.

Getting ready:
-> Eat lunch (at least as much as I could)
-> Brush teeth
-> put on crest whitestrips
-> put on chocolate face mask
-> straighten hair
-> foot bath
-> do my acrylics
-> etc...

Ok, yeah I know it's TMI but still I mean I'm meeting my celebrity crush since age 11. Practically the first guy I liked since coming to the states. Gotta make a good

Anyway so arrived at the venue about 5:45, front row practically guaranteed. Spoke to the two girls behind me and asked to join them since I had gone alone. We then made friends with the two girls in front of me. Feel like I made some lifelong friends through this particular show!

Got into the venue, had to wait a little bit because my good friend, Carson Allen, was doing his sound check! He finished and the 5 of us bolted to the front.

 * * * [Boring details deleted here] * * *

Ok, so Carson performed and he sounds better and better every time I see him. I thought it was beautiful he explained/dedicated one of his songs to his wonderful girlfriend, Melody! Zombie Nicholas and Gino Coletti are two of the most amazing musicians/producers. Love the entire band platonically and as a representation of the americana singer-songwriter.

Next up, The Petrel Sisters! They first followed me on twitter [] and I listened to them through youtube! You all should check them out. They've got a wonderful girl power/arse kicking vibe! Jess, Bekah, and Destiny did a great rendition of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"! Yes we do!

Recommendation- "Bombshell"

Met these girls afterwards and they've definitely got the star power and this personable, down-to-earth quality! Plus, we're all half-italian :-)

* cue drum roll please *

Anticipation for Aaron was brewing as the DJ D*Nyce was blasting up some hip-hop/dance tunes. The ambience emulated a club scene, I guess tying into the tour title "The After Party Tour". Tried to dance, granted I probably looked like some drunk spastic sorority chick (Sigma Alpha Pi baby), but overall, having a ton of fun!

Lights out!

OMG, It's AC!!!
Yes, the 11 year old in me is about to faint... Thankfully the 23 year old in me is just in awe!

He's still got it. All my faves: "Another Earthquake", Medley of "Iko, Iko", "To All The Girls", "I Would"... "That's How I Beat Shaq", "Do U Remember", "I Want Candy", "Aaron's Party"

Wish I had heard "Hey You" but just being in this room and experiencing him essentially one-on-one was phenomenal.

After the show, got to meet him and was absolutely starstruck. [I've lived in the states for 13 years and still have my Australian accent-especially, full throttle, when i'm nervous] Well, he got to hear my Australian accent in all its glory and, as far as I was able to get words out. He's such a sweetheart and I was thankful he was able to articulate my questions for me as far as getting a picture and an autograph.

I recommend everyone go see his show. You will be thanked by your younger self. I can assure you! Not disappointed at all! Still experiencing withdrawals! Come Back to Denver :-)