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Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Beginning

Wow, so where does time go? "Another year over and a new one just begun". A decade of the millennium finished. How did I ring in the new year? So on the 31st of December my family and I went to a wonderful French restaurant. I had French Onion soup (just had to), bread, butter, tea, wild mushroom risotto with butternut squash, pear, and brie, as well as, a chocolate dessert with gold leaf. Enjoyed the company of my family and watched fireworks in the city of Denver. Call it cliche, but I was playing Katy Perry's "Firework" in my mind. This year promises too much hope and bliss, I can only wish nothing but these two things to everyone in this world. As for resolutions this year:

"I, Cassandra, intend to not let anything get in my way. I also intend to put my whole heart into everything rather than dividing pieces and putting them in meaningless things. I intend to start on my new project, Bastard Postman, as a time-filler after studying. I intend to minimize facebook time and/or deactivate twitter. I intend to swim everyday in the summer regardless. Intend to actually spend more time on campus and actually be in theatre productions, spend more time at the zoo, and also travel. I would also like to spend as much time with the people who have inspired me as possible. Two last wishes for this year: To meet Ian Thorpe and to invest more in my spiritually and not continuously feel perpetually lost."
** So far I have successfully deactivated Twitter and spent a lot more time on campus and auditioned for a play in the theatre department in my university.

Just started my senior year in the university and it's an amazing start. Taking two physically intensive classes which have made me wonder why I stopped working out. Advil and Icyhot patches have become my 2 best friends. Still a Leo, despite the "changes" in the zodiac signs(depends on whether you follow eastern or western thought, regardless, I never changed). As far as music goes, I have maintained my favourite bands (read previous posts). Attending a few concerts this year that will be reviewed as they occur:

30 Seconds to Mars - January 21st
Rooney - February 25th
U2 - May 21st

(Haven't found information on the other bands I enjoy but hopefully they finalize dates soon =) )

Positivity is key this year! So to everyone, Thank you for reading and have a wonderful 2011!

Love, Peace, and Smiles,