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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The best concert ever

So December 5th, 2009 marked the best concert experience i have ever had! I was privileged to be in the presence of Rooney as well as Tally Hall and the Crash Kings. Never have i felt a strong connection with any artist as i have with Rooney and their music. I first heard of them in 2001 because of the lead vocalist's appearance in the Princess Diaries (Yes, i was a tweenager and thought he was incredibly swoonworthy, but there's more than meets the eye). Anyway, i bought their self-titled cd and absolutely fell in love with it ("That Girl Has Love" really is worth a listen as well as "Blueside", the whole cd is filled with wonderful songs). I continued listening to them, bought the second cd, Calling the World (all songs are brilliant but my favourites are "Are you Afraid?", "Help Me Find My Way", "When did Your Heart go Missing?", and "Paralyzed"), and the rest is history (as well as the future, my support for these guys will never ever ever disappear, y'all have that in writing now) :) Anyway, I had the chance to see them perform live and the way that Robert (the lead vocalist) sang each song, it was as if he poured his heart into the audiences' hand, he was just that passionate! Music is something that is supposed to speak to you, it's something that a lot of modern day artists have failed to accomplish. Rooney is the exception to that statement. The songs just tug at my heartstrings and allow me to envision what the songwriter (Robert actually writes a majority of the songs himself, Talented man!) is going through. A lot of the scenarios in the music made me empathetic as i've been down that road before and never knew how to deal with the situation. I am truly appreciative to have been able to get a glimpse of the band by meeting the members. I can honestly say that they are wonderful people and that they really care about their fans. At the shows, they take time out to talk to their fans, which a majority of artists nowadays don't. Rooney has shown me a different side of the whole Hollywood realm that you can still remain who you are and not having to constantly be in the public eye (no names shall be mentioned) and, overall, shown me what it is to show compassion towards fellow mankind! All of you who have stumbled upon this should really take some time out and listen to them! You won't regret it, I certainly haven't! Viva la Rooney!

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