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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Concerts 2011 so far

Alright well I have been slacking on my blogging. I'm sorry =( Well anyway so I saw 30 Seconds to Mars, Rooney, and U2. Here is a little review of each show so far:

30 Seconds to Mars: January 21st, 2011
Opening Act: Middle Class Rut
A wonderful show, was a little bored at Middle Class Rut but seeing Thirty Seconds made up for it all. Jared, Shannon, and Tomo came out in preppy/yuppie clothes (theme night) which was amazing even though I had people pushing me from the back (was about 6 feet away from the stage huddled up like sardines, it didn't help i wore pleather leggings).
Anyway was able to enjoy the show, hear songs such as From Yesterday (acoustically- score!), The Kill, Kings and Queens, etc. Didn't know some of the other stuff but overall a high energy show and really worthwhile. The only bad thing was it was the first time I ever moshed and that was quite an experience. Ended up with a few bruises. Also had a short guy grind up on my rump which was quite unappealing. The last negative of the night was after the show a male in a car pulled up next to me and asked me "How much do you charge?" What a pig! Oh well the show was amazing nonetheless. It was a chance to better understand the music and understand the background of the people! Must say I made a few friends that night too =)

Rooney - February 25th, 2011
Opening Acts: Take to the Oars, Eisley
Firstly I have been a fan of Rooney's for 11 years and it finally came to full circle that this would be the last time I see them in the States. The biggest part of this whole concert was being introduced to Take to the Oars (Definitely worth checking out, local Colorado band, really awesome deep songs). Eisley came up next and it was the first time I ever heard of them, was not impressed at all. Could not hear them at all and the lead singer looked like she was in pain while singing (or a cat not sure which). Rooney came on next and it was a high energy night although it didn't make any sense the fact that people were moshing. I mean moshing to laid-back music? Anyway it was quite an awesome show and got to hang out a little with the band members afterwards. It was a little weird saying goodbye and it was nice to receive hugs from the band members that meant the most to me and influenced me when I was younger. (Read below blogs).

U2 - May 21st, 2011
Opening Act- The Fray
This show was my favourite this year (no disrespect to the others). It was a profound statement of using your status as a positive influence to better the rest of society. Listening to Bono speak and hear the written songs about social issues like the Miss Sarajevo as well as Burma and being oppressed for the right of democracy. It was beautiful to hear "Beautiful Day" as well as "Where the Streets Have No Name" I absolutely adore those songs. There was so much energy in the arena as U2 was playing. What really drew the show down though was the lack of energy when The Fray was playing I felt as though I was the only one screaming and applauding them as well as singing along with the band. Everything was beautiful though!

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