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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Branded Bandits, King Washington, Crash Kings

April 3rd, 2014
Larimer Lounge, Denver, Colorado
Branded Bandits, King Washington, Crash Kings 
In 2009, Crash Kings opened for Robert Schwartzman's Rooney along with Tally Hall. It is the first time I had been exposed to this band and, as the saying goes, it was love at first sight! 
The beauty of an alternative rock band sans the guitar was just so intriguing and Antonio Beliveau's captivating vocals along with impeccable bass lines from his brother, Michael, left the audience satisfied and not "high and dry".
In 2010, my brother and I won tickets to see them at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver, Colorado (same venue as Rooney show). The captivation amplified exponentially especially hearing a guitar- less version of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs"! After the show had the pleasant opportunity to meet the amazingly down-to-earth and humble brothers along with their former drummer, Jason Morris. 
Fast forward 4 years, between graduating with 2 majors and working multiple jobs in 2 countries as well as traveling, finally had the privilege of attending the April 3rd show with my wonderful concert partner and brother! Both opening acts (Branded Bandits and King Washington) were musically appealing and engaging with the audience. Mr. Billy Lee from King Washington has the moves and the hair!
Finally, 11:15pm rolls around and the boys are back in town gracing the stage with new drummer, Tom Roslak! It is a refreshing dynamic in the band from prior years and all three focus their energies on letting the instruments and profound lyrics do the talking. 

Set list:
6 foot tall
Non believer
It's only Wednesday 
Inside upside Down
Hot fire 
Dressed to the 9's
Shameless little monkeys
You got me
Lonely war
My love
14 arms
All along
New song
Mountain Man
Come away
Saving grace

Side note: I will admit, I did not know any of the songs from the second album as I had bought it after the show. In amongst the chaos of life, was predominantly focusing on newfound addiction in Gogol Bordello and a few local bands.
This show was one of the best my brother and I had been to in a while! Afterwards, we waited for a bit to meet the three exceptionally talented musicians to express appreciation and support! Of course had to have a photo with Tony (favourite lyricist of this generation and overall fun guy!), Michael (mystifying the bass' true nature and, I have to admit, had a crush since 2009) and Tom (the coolest conversationalist and drummer ever!)
Thank you so much for a wonderful night!
To my readers, if you have the chance- go, go, go see them! You will have an awesome time! 

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