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Thursday, January 7, 2016

The proof is in the pudding

I've been thinking long about this biannual seasonal depression and how much it's eaten at me. I'm fearing a lot more things than I usually do but yet feeling like an empty shell of a person. Been trying to deflect everything and hide my true feelings by joking around- creating smartarse captions to every single little thing. It's funny because it parallels what birds do- when they're sick or injured, they fluff up their feathers and make it look like nothing's wrong simply to avoid predation. 

I originally intended to post on social media how I was to combat this and 2016 was to be my year. You know the cliche "new year, new me" bs... Nup, it's going a different route. I'm going to prove that I'm actually going to combat this. The logistics haven't been worked out yet but life is always a work in progress. The motivation was taken from politics... Weird right? But I look at the American population and how they gripe about the political system in place without actually taking a stand. Voting is merely not enough. Sometimes being radical and proactive is what is necessary to make actual change. I'm starting not to believe in simple words but rather actions. 

Not to compare my own country but anytime something is not right, Australians throw out their government and start again. Well at least they did when I was living there. Not sure what US emulation strategy is now... Bfd... They point is I'm throwing out my old attitude and rebuilding and saving that inner child and no more fluffing... 

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