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Monday, January 7, 2013


This year has been quite a whirlwind of emotions. Since September of 2012, Personal issues have been like ocean waves, hitting a beautiful high and then crashing into rocks, obliterating anything only to recede and start all over again:

End of July- August- Drove with Mum and Bro from Denver to Seattle, stopping through Yellowstone and then back to Denver. Drove home on my birthday. Wasn't really acknowledged nor celebrated. boo.

September- I ended up going on a beautiful trip to my ancestor's homeland, Ukraine (with stops to the Netherlands and Belgium). It was inspiring to see Kiev and then the memorial/grave of one of the greatest Ukraine writers and poets, Taras Shevchenko. Meeting and speaking with the locals was soul-enriching and being able to speak in the true native tongue did not keep a dry eye with anyone we came into contact. I enjoyed catching up with one of my mum's friend in Amsterdam, someone who held me when I was a youngster. We stopped into Bruges. That place was absolutely amazing. Seeing Mr. Fidel in the windowsill overlooking the canal was definitely a highlight (pic Above). The chocolates, food, wine, atmosphere in Europe is something I cannot define. It's pretentious, but by the same token, definitely not. Everything is within walking distance or a train trip. Feel like a "holiday", why not go to another country? Don't mind if I do?!

October- Had to euthanize our 8.5 year old Beagle, Max, poor bugger wasn't doing well. At the end of the month, found out my Nan has advanced Neuroendocrine cancer. It's just been shite.
November- Slipped Disc (6 weeks of therapy)
December- found out I have a ruptured Ovarian Cyst and a bicornuate uterus. It put things into perspective, I never really wanted to have children, there were moments I wanted a ton and then none. Having the chances of conceiving reduced to practically nil is pretty earth-shattering. The privilege being taken away just leaves nothing more than a cynic. How can people who eat Mickey D's every bloody day, every meal of the day, conceive multiple children but someone who does not abuse their temple can't? The dichotomy of this world... I swear. Oh and we won't go into the whole being-given-empty-promises-and-then-losing-your-job-because-place-is-doing-bad-financially.

We went to our fave French Restaurant in downtown Denver for New Year's Eve and had a wonderful meal: Eggplant wellington with sweet potato ragout and raspberry-espresso sauce, poached pear and goat cheese salad, followed by chocolate, almond, caramel, coffee dessert. The europeans make brill desserts, don't know how to explain it. Nevertheless, stuffed to the brim and only to receive a rude awakening. We paid our bloody $10 for parking and the person saw us put in our money but we got a ticket. Word to the wise- do NOT park in the lot next to Le Central. Bunch of cons if you ask me.

So far 2013 is shaping up to be quite a year. I can only hope that the storm can settle and that I can fight for what I want in this life. I wish nothing but the best for you all :)

New Year's resolution:

Going Vegan
Meeting the love of my life in Spain
Losing the 15 I put on during the holidays

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