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Monday, February 29, 2016

The car

*Lights fade in*

I want a guy who I can wake up next to, look him deep in the eyes and stroke his face with the hand exposed from our warm blankets. A soft good morning. Stretching and wrapping each other close. The stuff Hollywood movies find mandatory in hipster or cult classics. The quintessential romantic movie. 

*Next scene* 

Him getting ready for work. I'm wearing his old button up shirt, putting his tie on for him while he does some final finishes with his belt loops, kissing him ever so softly. Hand in hand we walk to the kitchen and I make him coffee and breakfast before he heads out the door.

*lights fade out for a brief moment in time, indicating a time lapse*

*We're in the car together*
I want a guy who can show me his childhood home, the streets on which he grew up and fields he played. I want to see him tremble for a moment and feel the anguish of reliving memories in time. The place he got his first kiss, first speeding ticket, and his first everything. Something that shows his humble beginnings and hug him for opening up. I want to visit his grandparents and hear the embarrassing stories from him, even if it's at their gravesite. Show him that everything he is, I accept and then some. 

The only thing I ask is that he hold me close, support me as I would him, and we stick it through thick and thin. That its okay to fall through the depressive cracks but he is my superhero and I, his. This is an egalitarian romanticized perception, but I dare to dream the possibilities.

*fade into a soft red glow in a heartbeat pattern*

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