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Monday, February 15, 2016

(Wo)man proposes; God Disposes- the Antithesis and Catalyst.

Just laying on the couch, running a fever and running a mind. My equilibrium is off- dizzy with an infection in the left ear. Figured I'd just compile a short poem (they started as tweets) about this relationship I had in 2014. We met in April, month 4. Lasted 7 months. This is the basis of the poem's structure. It doesn't rhyme, in retrospect, we didn't either. 

Enzymatic love
Toxic from the get-go 
The first link catalyzed was me 
Dissolving us back to two 

Incendiary and passionate... 
Now, moot. 
It's just a chemical reaction 
Yours, mine, ours. 
It happened for a reason 
For that same reason 
Incinerated itself into oblivion. 

You were beautiful
Like neon lights in the city's introspective exhaustion. 
My personal drug. 
Every ounce exuding an ethereal glow. 

While you're lighting up another world... 
There's ash here in these ruins
Like Pompeii, 
Pervading every pore of interpersonal relationships
The basis
Defined by you
Leaving me. 

You'll find out soon enough that the invitation was burned like Icarus. 

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