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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mosaic birds- Stepping stones

So this post is meant to complement a previous post- Proof is in the pudding. These are just some visible examples of improvement and motivation.

Copper in Matrix. This spoke to me- beauty shining through the ugliness of what was. Nederland Colorado 2016.
Working on self confidence and making mental health progress.
New friend. Hendrix.
Had always wanted to see Niagara Falls in Winter. Crossed this off my bucket list.
Cowboy Cliche. Spaghetti Western Sunrises are breathtaking. I tend to think about my mere existence on the way to work every morning simply by seeing these interwoven colours.
30 Seconds to Mars... Where to start with this band... Self-introspection, constant exploration of this thing called life. Lyrics and melodies are breathtaking.
So this bird is my rock. A few weeks ago, I experienced sharp shooting pain. Started fading in and out and collapsed on the floor. She went to the floor on the other side of her enclosure and started alarm calling. I'm forever touched by her presence.

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